Player Props

Your players, your markets, your bets!

Heritage Sports is letting you put your odds-maker hat on with the introduction of our new Player Props Builder. We’ll give you the tools to customize your own wagers. Bet your games and create your very own unique Player Props. It will change the way you watch your favorite games!

Here’s how we’re changing sports betting!

Build your bet by selecting from one of the available sports: NBA. NFL, MLB, EPL, LA LIGA, SERIE A, Etc. Once you’ve settled on your league, select your player(s) from the available list or search for your player from the selected game or other games in the schedule.
Choose between a single statistical wager with your player or match your player with another with a Head to Head matchup. If choosing a single bet, select a statistical market, find your number and let our system present your odds.

  • For our example, we’ve used the search function to find CAM NEWTON of the Carolina Panthers. Next, choose from a list of statistic options. We will select TOUCHDOWNS. Once you have selected your statistic, you will be betting on the player to get “at least” the number that you selected. We will choose CAM NEWTON to have at least 5 Touchdown against Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  • Our system calculates the odds and in this case, the system has offered us odds of 900 for at least 5 TOUCHDOWNS. Now the ball is in your court: you can take the bet as it is or adjust the statistic up or down to get a bigger payout or find a stat number that will give you the best chance to win. Once you’ve settled on your best bet, make sure to add your wager to the bet slip and then enter and confirm your stake in the bet slip.

  • You can also create player head-to-heads from the same game OR create your own player fantasy matchups by clicking the HEAD TO HEAD button as seen above. Choose the two players you’d like to match up by searching or selecting from the list of matches.

  • You will be betting on the first player you select (top) to outscore the second player you select in the stat of your choice. For the example above, we have selected CAM NEWTON to have more TOUCHDOWNS than KIRK COUSINS at the odds of 190. Of course, there are reasonable limitations on the head-to-head matchup you can create.

    The power is in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: When will bets be graded?

A: Within 1 hour from the conclusion of each match.

Q: Are singles paid as a winner if the player hits exactly their target?

A: Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target. For example, if you have a player to score at least 20 points, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player has 30 or more points.

Q: Q: What happens in a Head to Head in the event of a tie?

A: Head to Head bets are non-winners in the event of a tie because the bet condition is for player A to have more than player B. Your selected player must exceed the other player in order for the bet to win. There is no return for a tie. For example, if both players have 25 points, your bet will be graded as a loss.

Q: Can I ​parlay these bets?

A: Yes! – You can parlay player prop bets, even across different sports.

Q: Can I use bonus bets?

A: No, real money only bets.

Q: Where does the data come from?

A: All of our US sports statistics come from STATS Inc. All of our Football Statistics come from Opta.

Q: What happens if one of the players in my bet does not play or start?

A: In the event that a player does not play, the bet will be voided. For Soccer bets, the bet will be void if the player does not start the match.

Q: Where can I follow the progress my bets?

A: The My Bets section contains all open and past player prop bets. You can follow your live bets as they update with real-time statistics. However, bet results aren’t official until the game is over and the bet has been graded.

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